I am the mother of five wonderful kids and the wife of one wonderful husband who is so awesome and good-looking, almost as good-looking as when we first married and he had hair… and I can’t say enough about how wonderful he is especially since he is sitting here watching everything I type and giving input on how wonderful he is.  Also, he works out-of-town so much, leaving me home often with my five wonderful kids, who after being alone with them all without a helpmate… by the time he comes back after staying alone in hotels with room service and cleaning ladies, my feelings of him are not often wonderful.   I usually go all ‘drill sergeant’ on the kids and then he comes home to be “the nice one,”  and hopefully by that time, I’ve remembered to tell Pedro the pool boy to scoot, even though we don’t have a pool….  And as long as he remembers to bring me chocolate…. everyone is happy.

(No, that’s not me… just me in my dreams… and my husband’s… we both have lots of kids though….)

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